One of the unique advantages of owning a Furphy Water Tank is that it can be recylindered to give it another life. It is remarkable that, with the aid of a simple barrel replacement process, the product first produced over 120 years ago remains in use today.

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Production of the cast iron end version of the Furphy Water Tank ceased in 1984 when it was superseded by a lighter weight, fully fabricated and hot-dip-galvanized unit (link). However, the fitting of a new cylinder is an extremely cost effective way of owning a "new-old" water carrier. It is still as functional as most tanks whilst retaining the charm of the "old Furphy" that for many Australians symbolizes a rural past of simple moral values and individual enterprise.

The process of fitting the new cylinders to the original cast ends requires the same skills as those employed over 100 years ago. The key to the process is the shrink fitting of iron bands over the end castings to secure and tightly seal the cylinder or the body of the tank, just as the iron tyre was fitted to the wooden body of the wagon wheel.

This service is offered from our Shepparton plant and is undertaken by a long serving member of our staff who has almost 25 years experience in rebarrelling tanks from all over Australia.

Re - Barreling Prices

***Prices effective from May 2011

Price Schedule 4' 0" (180 gallon) 5' 0" (220 gallon)
Galvanized, supply only $210 $235
Galvanized, supply and fit $540 $570
Stainless Steel, supply only $445 $545
Stainless Steel, supply and fit $850 $950


Note: All Prices Ex GST

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