COVID UPDATE 10th January 2022

To all staff of the Furphy Group (Furphy Galvanizing, Furphy Engineering, Albury Galvanizing, Geelong Galvanizing).

Unfortunately, despite a new year, we are now faced with another surge in COVID-19 cases as we begin 2022.  As you are all likely aware, the case numbers have grown rapidly since New Year.  Melbourne and Geelong and coastal areas seem quite hard hit but whilst Shepparton and other inland areas don’t seem quite as bad at this stage it seems likely that the surge is going to come here just as it is already in Melbourne and Geelong.

New COVID rules:

Last week the govt changed the rules relating to what to do if you have COVID and the definitions of close contacts which is something we all need to understand closely.

Confirmed covid cases:

The details of what to do if you have tested positive can be found here:

Victoria –



The details of the new rules regarding close contact definition and what to do can be found here:

Victoria –


Other languages:

The Victorian and NSW websites have information in other languages here:

Victoria – 


In summary:

  • If you have symptoms – get a test.
  • If you test positive you must isolate for 7 days.  After 7 days you can come out of isolation.  No second test is required.
  • There are essentially 2 types of contacts now:
    • Household or household-like contacts:  those with whom you live with or have spent more than 4 hours in the same house.
    • Social contacts:  people you have spent 15 minutes face to face with or 2 hours in the same indoor space with.
  • If you are a household or household-like contact of a positive case then you need to test and isolate for 7 days
  • If you are a social contact you are NOT required to isolate.  Test if you have symptoms.
  • PCR tests and Rapid Antigen tests can both be used.

If in doubt ask your supervisor or manager for clarification.  Thanks again for your patience in working through this ongoing challenge.