Alternative Traffic Arrangements May 31 – June 30

Advice for Friday 11th June:

  • Access through Gate 1 remains available from Eastern side of New Dookie Rd
  • Through traffic along New Dookie Rd closed in both directions on Friday 11th June
  • Need to use Doyles Rd to access and exit the property
  • Next week traffic open in both directions
  • Following week (21st – 25th) more restrictions.  Update will be provided closer to that date.

Through traffic will be stopped in both directions on Friday 11th June along the section of road from the railway line to the eastern end of our property.  We will still be able to enter and exit as we have been doing this last couple of days however it will NOT be possible to come from the west along New Dookie Rd and do a U-Turn and enter from the East.  You will need to enter New Dookie Rd from the East via Doyles Rd roundabout.

Next week the road is expected to be open in both directions and not much will be happening (bitumen hold ups).  The following week will see the near side lane be repaired which will require traffic management like the last few days and will also require some ramps to be provided by the road crew for our property.

Thank you all for your patience whilst the New Dookie Rd roadworks are being carried out.  It is frustrating but will be much better once the works are complete.